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Crypto Currency
With People

How it works

Stibits offers a premium platform through which users can send and receive crypto currency using a user name, phone number, or e-mail address.

Create your profile

Start by creating your personal profile so your friends can send you crypto

Choose your amount

Choose the type of crypto currency, select an amount, send to your friends and family. Track previous payments.

Send with Stibits

Complete your transaction and receive a payment confirmation. It’s that easy.

Your Funds on the Blockchain

Why Decentralized?

Stibits offers a premium, completely decentralized platform through which users remain fully in control of their privacy and data and can send and receive cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based assets by providing basic information — name, phone number, or email address. Stibits adds a human profile to the blockchain ledger and in doing so makes the process of sending and receiving cryptocurrencies through a decentralized exchange far less daunting than any competitor. With Stibits you will be able to send or request cryptocurrency simply by entering the name, email address, or phone number of the recipient — enabling a completely secure and decentralized peer-to-peer transaction.

Be an Early adopter of Stibits

A unique, one of a kind badge will be given to the early adopters of Stibits. Be part of something great. Unlock your badge now.

Privacy and Data Encryption

Stibits creates a bridge to other cryptocurrencies while offering privacy and data encryption.

No Lengthy Complex Addresses

Our platform has effectively eliminated the need to enter lengthy crypto currency addresses. Your user profile becomes your address. Send to your personal @handle

Your Phone is Your Private Key

Not even Stibits employees have access to your private keys. Works like your Fingerprint, Touch ID, Face ID, Iris Scanning, Face Recognition, etc. 

Get started now with just your name, phone number, and email address

Stibits Contact

Existing Stibits users can send each other crypto currency right away.

Non-Stibits Contact

You can easily invite users that don’t have a Stibits account so they can send and receive a crypto currency


Sending crypto to another party using Stibits can be achieved in only a matter of seconds.

Already have keys

Associate existing keys with your profile.

Pay family & friends

Once you invite family and friends. Sending through Stibits becomes as easy as sending a text message.

New to Blockchain

We have made it easy for beginners. Create a free account to get started.

Available now on the IOS App Store
Coming Soon to Google Play

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